Thursday, October 20, 2016

Photo evidence of DASSK attacked by USDP members

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was narrowly escaped from the assassination attempt masterminded by Senior General Than Shwe, the former Chairman of the Union Solidarity and Development Party. Today even though she becomes head of state of Burma she keeps quiet on the attempt on her life and never think of filing a suit on the perpetrators as she wants to reconcile with her enemies and simply forget about the past. However, the Tatmadaw that still under the influence of Than Shwe shows no interest in reconciliation or reformation of the country's system.  That's why the Army is stubborned to abolish the 2008 Constitution which has not written for the people but to the interest of the Army. Today, Burma has two governments, one is the people's elected one and the other is the Army.  This is a big problem for the country as the Army does not want the new government walks on the path of democracy.  The Tatmadaw's reckless policy is affecting the internal peace and prosperity of the country.  They never understand the meaning of gratitude and fail to return gratitude to the Lady who has forgiven their crimes. Their stupidity and animal behavior will not stop the civil war that has been waged for half a century unless their mindset are changed.  

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