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, Ko Chit San, hereby swear under oath that:

1. I, son of U Kyaw Hla and Daw Thein Tin, am a citizen of Burma, holding National Identification Card No Ma-Ya-Ta (Naing) 084649. I am 36 years old residing at Yatanabonmi Quarter, Maha Aungmyay township Mandalay. I am a car driver.

2. On May - 28 about (8) a.m. in the morning car owner Ko Myint came and asked me to help drive his car No B/5671. He has applied NLD membership for 4 months already but was not issued membership card as yet due to security reason. I accepted his request.

3. On May – 29 about 8 am in the morning, I arrived at the Mandalay Division NLD office which is situated at the corner of 38 and 79 street and reported myself. I then went to the car which I was to drive. At 9 am we left by the Mandalay-Sagaing Road. When we left Mandalay, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi' car, NLD Central Youth's car, NLD V/Chairman U Tin Oo's car and cars from Mandalay came along as security, 5 cars were in front of me. Altogether there were about 20 cars and many motorcycles. Before reaching Sagaing there was no disturbance.

4. After crossing the Sagaing Bridge and on entering the town, there was about (50) people on either side of the road standing with posters, “We don't want Daw Aung San Suu Kyi – We don't want Kalar's wife". As there were monks in the motorcade the protestors did not cause trouble.

5. We resumed our journey from Sagaing and arrived at Myinmu town at 11: 45 am. In front of the Myinmu NLD office by the roadside under a tree I saw USDA leader sitting in seats waiting and (50) USDA members with loud speaker in a Dyna car. They wore USDA uniforms, green sarongs and white shirts. As there were monks who came along from Mandalay and monks from Myinmu, they could do nothing. The opening of Myinmu office and the putting up of NLD signboard ceremony was held. I was in my car and did not know about the ceremony in detail.

6. We left Myinmu about 3 pm and arrived Chaung U about 4:30 pm. We took rest for a while and then continued our Journey to Monywa. On reaching Chaung U, I began to see people from Monywa came to greet us with about (70) or (80) cars and motorbikes. As there were cars in front of me, I did not know for certain. We entered Monywa at about 6 pm. As there was a black out in the town, I could see the welcoming people had lighted candles with them. After reaching the Monywa NLD office, those who were with me in my car went to put up for the night at a monastery. As I had taken the duty of a driver, I had to be with my car all the time.

7. On May 30 at about 9 am, we resumed our journey from Monywa to Butalin. In reaching Saingpyin village, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi gave a speech to the villagers, who came to welcome us and then continued the journey to Depayin at about 6 pm. We arrived at Kyi village, the place of the incident about 8 pm. After a few moments in passing Kyi village, the cars going in front stopped. Then from behind the motorcade shouting and swearing voices could be heard. “You walked on the road we built, you crossed the bridge we built, wives of Kalar, we will kill you with clubs. We have watched Chinese martial arts movies”. With these barbarous words, they began to beat the people in the motorcades. They also beat our car. I witnessed through the rear view mirror in my car that the two victims, who were in my car, fell down to the ground as they were stabbed with iron spikes. The thugs were those who were rather tall. They were wearing gray-headed clothes. Their eyes were red in colour.

8. I did not know that the person sitting at my left side was attacked with which weapon. Yelling loudly, he fell on me. At the mean time, the thugs attacked the right side of my car in which I was sitting. They also struck down the window and front mirrors of my car. Then, I attempted to leave my car. As I energetically kicked the door of my car with my two legs, the attacker who was beating my car fell down to the ground. Then, I got off the car and attempted to drag the injured out. Unfortunately, it failed. The body of that victim could not respond anything. At that time, the attacker, who fell down to the ground, beat my right leg. As such, I could not continue my efforts to take the body of that victim out. At the time of the attack, I saw the killing field manifestly in the light of Dyna trucks. Then, I had to run away through the fields, where car spot lights could not reach. Subsequently, I wondered whether I had to continue running or get back to see the killing field again. After that, I decided to get back to that incident area. I watched the scene of crime from a distance. The thugs repeatedly beat the victims until they died. I also heard shouting, swearing, crying and asking for assistance. It took for such a long time. I could not estimate how long it was as I did not have my watch.

9. Then, about 80 policemen, holding shields and wooden clubs, got to that area in four Dyna cars. After that, the two cars, that were rather similar to Pajero Mitsubishi, chased the previous convoy, and arrived at that areas. The two officers got off the car and checked the killing field. Hiding under cover of night, I witnessed that the 80 policemen threw the bodies of the dead and the injured, as if they were garbage, into the trucks. I could clearly see view in the lights of trucks, that had been to that area before, and others that got to there later, although I could not discriminate the persons who is who. The two Hilux pickup trucks left at the scene were pushed down into the rice field and then they set them up as if they had overturned. The other two Hilux pickup trucks were set up to look like as if they had had a head-on collision. Then they took pictures of them with video and still cameras, for the record. After that, I left that area so that I could find a venue to hide for a night.

10. After three hours walk, I reached Shwe-ku-ni monastery in Kyaukka village. With the permission of abbot, I slept there. In the morning of the next day, May 31, 2003, I returned to the killing field again. I saw that an emergency police station No 2 was opened near the campus of irrigation department, that was closed to the killing field. In order to eliminate all the evidence, water was brought in with municipal trucks and bloodstains and other marks were washed away by the policemen, using brooms. At the mean time, except those official cars, I did not see any vehicle passing through the tar road. I took a walk from Kyaukka to Monya town. After that, I got to Mandalay from Monywa on June 5.

11. I provide the abovementioned statements from paragraph (1) to (8), based on my personal experience at the scene of crime. I did it on my own free will, without being forced, threaten or persuaded by any influential person or persons.

Dated - July 4, 2003
Bangkok, Thailand;
Ko Chit San
Sworn to before me on
this 4th of July, 2003

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