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He was together with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi when they were attacked.
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Q. You were in the midst of the attack on Daw Suu's motorcade at Depayin township in Sagaing Division and escaped luckily. What time did you leave Butalin for Depayin?
A. Round about 5 pm.

Q. At about what time did you reach Kyi Ywa village?
A. About 8 pm.

Q. Where there people on the road to greet Daw Aung San Suu Kyi?
A. Yes, We responded and spoke to the people.

Q. Were people who shouted and opposed Daw Aung San Suu Kyi there?
A. I heard on such shouting.

Q. It was 8 pm. when you arrived at KyiYwa [Kyi village]. How large a number of people were there to greet and welcome you all?
A. I estimated about 3000. Could be 4 or 5 thousand.

Q. Is it a big village?
A.Yes, it is.

Q. Aer there jungles surrounding Kyi Ywa?
A. There are paddy fields.

Q. Did you hear any opposing voices in the crowd that was out there to welcome you all?
A. No, I did not hear any opposing voice.

Q. Were there any posters etc. of dissent?
A. No.

Q. For how long did Daw Suu address the people?
A. Nearly 10 minutes.

Q. Again, all went on from there?
A. We had not gone very far. About 200 yards from the villagers – the car behind had not caught up with us as yet. We were not far from the villagers. They had not yet dispersed. Then, two monks and three laymen stood in front of Daw Suu's car stopping it from proceeding. They asked Daw Suu to speak to the people.

Q. Instead of coming to place where the people had already assembled?
A. They could have joined the people, instead they stood and waited at a distance.

Q. Stood and waited, then asked for a speech?
A. Yes, they asked her to step out and speak. It was getting late. We had to go on to Depayin also. So, the NLD member who was in Daw Suu's car said " Revered monk, it is very late and there is no time. Please excuse your disciples." But the monks did not leave. They were looking back and said. "The people in our group are worthless." We got out of the car and stood around to protect Daw Suu. Then the monk said, "My people will be following up. Listen to a monk's words. "Give your speech to them". We requested them to let us pass through but they insisted that we stay. Then, the place was lit up by light from car head light and we saw about 7 cars.

Q. For how long did they do this?
A. It could have been not less than two hours. They went around all the cars and vehicles and watched to see if there were any movement and looked on at those with injuries.

Q. What about Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's car?
A. Very soon after all this started five cars, including Daw Su's and U Tin Oo's car drove off to them front. The Youth Wing Security car and our Mandalay Division car too.

Q. So they escaped from Kyi Ywa and you were left behind? So the beating took place for about two hours after they had driven off?
A. Yes, it was more than two hours.

Q. Can you estimate how many died or wounded as a result of that attack?
posing voices.
A. More than 20 persons. I am talking about what happened at Kyi Ywa. What happened after that I am not sure.

Q. So, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's car got away. Then again at Depayin the same thing happened?
A. Yes, the young people from there fled and I met them. They were attacked with spears, wooden, bamboo clubs and irons rods. They saw students with hands tied up being led away and their cycles confiscated. This person's cycle was taken but he managed to escape.

Q. Information had been received that gunshots were heard there.
A. Yes, we heard the gun shots. It was between midnight and 1 am. We were deeply worried for our Aunty Suu and Uncle U Tin Oo. Without any shooting here about 20 or so died and sustained injuries. With shooting it could be worse. More could die.

Q. Did these attackers go forward or did they retreat?
A. It appears to be a separate group. They turned and dispersed.

Q. When was that?
A. After 10 pm.

Q. Then, how did you escape?
A. I was lucky. I escaped without any injury. I fled and crossed the paddy fields to Monywa.

Q. When you escaped what did the USDA do after they retreated?
A. Even though I was not hurt, I was shaken and very distressed. It was about 10:30. I saw person on a cycle. Likely he came to see the spectacle. He stood and looked at the dead and after some time he departed. Then about 10:45, three Hino buses arrived without any passengers. They saw the injured and the dead, the line of cars. They turned back and left.

Q. So, those injured and the dead were left lying there?
A. Yes, I saw some being taken away on cars.

Q. In the end what happened?
A. I was not steady on my feet. I looked on. At about 12:45 (I had my watch on so I knew the time) members of the police force, the fire brigade, local authorities put the injured and dead bodies onto the motor vehicles. Then what astonished me most was that our car that was heading west for Depayin was pushed so that it appeared to be heading south and shoved down the ditch. Another car was pushed into the ditch. This was a deliberate act to create a different scene. I witnessed this with my own eyes.

Q. To look like two cars collided?
A. Yes, to appear that away. I couldn't believe my eyes. I remember this very clearly. Then some cars with injured people drove off towards Depayin. Some cars went in the other direction. About 30 persons remained. I couldn't say definitely if they were the police or the USDA because they all wore the same uniform. They pushed the cars towards Ye U side.

Q. Were these cars in which NLD members traveled?
A. Yes, They pushed them. Then we could hear them removing steel parts from them.

Q. All these happened in Kyi Ywa? You don't know what happened in Depayin?
A. I have no idea.

Q. Earlier you said that you heard gun shots from the place towards which the cars were heading after this incident. Some did not say so. Some said they saw. It looked like there was another party of attackers.
A. Yes, that is definite. Because we heard those shots and eyewitnesses had spoken about it.

Q. Thank you for giving us this information.
A. It is an account of what we know. If they fired guns many would have died. It must be worse than what happened here.

Q. Later even must have been worse.
A. Yes, we have experienced a very serious attack.
Thank you.

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